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"Where there's a will, there's a way."

There is a special place in our hearts for The Hero archetype. From Superman to Thor, we idolize picture-perfect hero’s across nearly every society. But while many people will never be the hero from the comics, it doesn’t mean they still don’t strongly identify with this archetype. The strengths of a hero include perseverance, a strong will, a strong sense of morality, and determination. Typical flaws can include the need to be admired, narcissism, controlling behavior, and a big ego.



Prove one's worth through bravery and courage.

When a hero properly deals with their potential downfalls, they can shine brighter than any other. They will spend their days in the sun, being admired by the people they help. They will be able to go home at the end of the day with pride in a job well done. Even without the overt gratitude of others, a hero who is healthy will feel fulfilled just by their own actions. Many times, you see these heroes in jobs such as nursing, paramedics and firefighters. They live a life of quietly helping others without needing validation from those they save. 




Showing weakness or vulnerability.

On the opposite spectrum, a hero who has lost themselves in their weaknesses will seem very different. Often angry and withdrawn, they can take their self-hatred out on others, hurting those closest to them. The hero living in darkness will often seek grander and grander ways of being noticed, most ending in failure. They will try and control the ones they are trying to save, believing that they know best. Letting the ego take control, they will live for the adoration of others, and when they fail to receive it, they will often destroy themselves.

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