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"If I tell you my wish, it won't come true."

The Innocent is perhaps a rarer archetype than the rest. While many people likely cling to a small fraction of the innocent part of themselves, most will have lost the majority of it by adulthood. The Innocent clings to the idea of a perfect world, and their main goal is to be happy and peaceful. Their weaknesses, such as ignoring facts, overindulging in distractions, and running away from reality, really shine through when their perfect world is threatened. When they are able to hold on to their belief, their strengths are sharing their peace and happiness with the world around them.


To spread happiness and joy to everyone.

The Innocent who makes it to adulthood with their sanity intact will likely have found not only ways to deal with their weaknesses but also with their fears. Often, they will learn how to accept that the world is full of hate and anger and choose to be happy and carefree anyway. They will help others simply for the joy of seeing others happy. You will find them as teachers, volunteers, or in other types of giving careers.




Someone using their kind heart against them.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have The Innocent who refuses to see the truth. They bury their head and hide from what is directly in front of them. They are rarely functioning adults and generally fall back on drugs, alcohol, or other diversions to keep them from seeing reality. These lives usually end tragically, either by their own hand or by someone taking advantage of their naivety. 

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