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"I feel like I don't belong."

Most people don’t enjoy standing apart from the crowd or being the odd man out. But for The Orphan, standing out is their worst nightmare. Having anyone look at them like they don’t belong makes them feel lost and alone, so they will do everything in their power to fit in. If taken to the extreme, The Orphan will change everything about themselves in order to achieve their ultimate goal of fitting in. However, their ability to adapt and mold themselves to a situation can be a great strength and can be used to create good friendships or further their career.


To fit in and be accepted.

In an ideal world, The Orphan will realize that they can find joy from within and live without the constant need for approval from others. If they are able to control their fear of being left out and find peace with the friends they do have, then they can go on to live an incredibly fulfilling life. They can create a family that loves them and gives them the belonging they have searched for their entire lives.


To be left out or to stand out from the crowd.

If, however, they refuse to accept themselves and allow their fears to dictate their actions, their life will be much darker. The Orphan’s habit of changing themselves to make others happy will begin to make others think they are fake. As they cling tighter to the relationships, their desperation will be the thing that pushes everyone away and leave them orphaned once more.

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