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"Treat others as you wish to be treated."

Caregivers are perhaps the most giving of any archetype. If they see others in need, they can’t help but reach out to care for them. They constantly feel a deep sense of empathy for those around them. Often you will find that The Caregiver is in just as much pain as you are if you share your hurts with them. Caregivers are great boons to society at large. We need people to care about the ones often overlooked. The Caregiver generally ends up in difficult and unwanted jobs like social services, elder care, and non-profits that help the homeless. Their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. They care too much.


To help everyone who needs help.

Unlike many other archetypes, The Caregiver’s main happiness comes from outside of them. They feel joy when their loved ones feel joy, and they dedicate a large portion of their time to helping others be happy. Caregivers make incredible parents who give their children unconditional love. Nothing in the world can bring a Caregiver more joy than seeing their family together and happy.


Not being able to help anyone.

With all light, there is also shadow. The Caregiver has a tendency to be extremely co-dependent, either on their partner or their own children. This can cause unhealthy relationships if not dealt with in a healthy way. The Caregiver can also be taken advantage of, in some extreme cases losing everything they have worked for in order to appease a malevolent child or spouse.

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