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"I just wanna be free."

Traveling and experiencing new places is a dream of many people. Most of them, however, are happy to explore once a year or even less and return to their normal lives. The Explorer, on the other hand, has a burning need to move. Building a stable life, with a nice house and car payment, does not bring them joy. In fact, a mortgage would likely make them feel trapped and overwhelmed. The Explorer finds joy in going anywhere they have not been before. They collect experiences like other people collect shoes and these experiences are what make them feel alive.


The freedom to find one's self through exploration.

The life of The Explorer can be considered a selfish one. But if they act responsibly and don’t create dependents, they should be free to find their happiness however they need to. If they are wise, they will create a space for them to retire to when traveling becomes too much. Hopefully, they will also make understanding friends so they do not spend their twilight years alone.


Being or feeling trapped.

The Explorer archetype can become ugly quickly if they are irresponsible. If they go out and manipulate others to get what they need to travel or if they are loose with their morals and steal to pay their way. The worse thing they can do is create children whom they have no intention of raising and leaving them behind. This side of The Explorer uses everyone they come into contact with. They often end up alone, unable to care for themselves and bitter beyond words.

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