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"Rules are made to be broken."

Also known as The Outlaw, The Rebel is perhaps the most dangerous of all the archetypes. While not all Rebels are inherently bad, it’s an incredibly fine line to walk for even the best of them. In general, a Rebel’s greatest strength is their passion and fierce belief. This strength by itself is dangerous enough, especially if their main passion is pleasing themselves. If, however, The Rebel has a passion for helping the less fortunate, you end up with Robin Hood.


To overturn what isn't working.

As you can see, even in the best-case scenario, The Rebel is on the wrong side of the law, and even though many people love the story of Robin Hood in fiction, most of them stand with the law when it comes to real life. A true Rebel is a difficult life to lead, but if controlled, it can lead to amazing change in society. 




To be powerless.

Many Rebels are simply Outlaws. They break the law because they do not care or do not believe it should apply to them. They steal and hurt others because others do not matter to them. Their lives spiral into one of darkness, pain, and trouble. Often, they end up either being betrayed by the ones closest to them or being the betrayer. When everything is about you, and you have no care for others, you will eventually find yourself either alone and miserable with everything you thought you wanted or simply dead on the path to get there.

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