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"There's no such thing as a stupid question"

Knowledge is power, but for The Sage, the pursuit of knowledge isn’t for power. It’s simply for the knowledge itself. The Sage spends long hours in the pursuit of learning. Many times, Sages become lifelong students, unable to stop learning long enough to apply their knowledge. They generally pick a subject and become masters in it at the exclusion of all else. Their weakness is a blindness to the rest of the world and the inability to use the knowledge they gain.


Learning as much as possible .

A sage who does nothing to change their innate weaknesses can end up penniless and alone. Likely the sage would not be bothered by the alone part, but being penniless might interfere with the ability to learn more and would therefore be a detriment.


Being ignorant or unable to learn.

If The Sage takes the time to get past their dislike of action and learns how to cope with the anxiety of interacting with others, they can accomplish incredible feats. Their natural dedication to study and inherent intelligence gives them the tools they need to master any subject. When they get over whatever is holding them back and use the knowledge they have gained, they can be a true force of nature. They can take their expertise and share it with the world, or they can create something incredible from what they have learned.

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