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"Some people are just born leaders."

Many archetypes can be a leader, but they all lead for different reasons. The Ruler leads because they like to be in control. They believe they know best and that others should follow them. These are often the type of people who, when given a little power, quickly begin to find ways to get more. If The Ruler does not have the intelligence or charisma to find ways to control large amounts of people, you will often see them lording small bits of control over those under them. Stories of them show up on social media, generally a middle manager who takes the idea of control to a whole new level.


Absolute power and control.

For The Rulers, with the gifts that align with their thirst to lead, things generally look a little different. If they have large amounts of charisma, you might see them at the head of a super church, taking great delight in the control of their congregation. If they lean more towards intelligence or manipulation, you will see them in politics or at the heads of companies.


Chaos and anarchy.

While generally, the need for power simply for the sake of power is a negative trait, it can have good outcomes. Some of The Rulers are indeed great leaders, and their drive to be in command can bring incredible changes to society. If The Ruler has a good vision, one that genuinely helps others, then it does not matter what motive they had behind seeking more power.

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