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"Relax, it was just a joke."

Everyone who went to public school had to deal with a class clown at least once. Some were great at making the class laugh and knew when to stop. Others were more cringe-inducing than anything and didn’t seem to be capable of being quiet. One similarity between them all is the disproportionately high number of them that ended up in rehab. The Jester firmly believes that life is to be enjoyed. Their greatest weaknesses are the inability to learn from their mistakes and also being unable to see the consequences of their actions. So, it is no surprise that many of them fall into the trap of drugs.


To live in the moment and lighten up the world.

Most commonly, The Jester will live a life of solitude. Not out of choice but simply because they lack the ability to stay committed to a life partner. Also, they would likely find it hard to find someone willing to put up with their constant goofiness. While everyone loves a good laugh, solid relationships also need times of seriousness, and The Jester tends to be incapable of having a real conversation.


To be boring or not get a laugh.

A Jester who learns to control themselves, however, can have an amazing life. They can bring joy to everyone around them and help others be less uptight. The Jester is often good with kids and can give their own children a wonderful and magical childhood. If they learn to channel their jokes into a positive outlet, they can also have a great career as a comedian or actor.

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