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"If you can imagine it, you can create it."

Creativity is a prolific part of the world we live in. We eat it up by the handful, from movies to novels, music to painting, sculpting to crafting. Art is such a part of us that nearly everyone will create it at some point in their lifetime. For The Creator, the things they design and build are as much a part of themselves as the body they were born with. When Creators pour themselves into their work, truly amazing things are created. But as with anything, Creators have a part of themselves that makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to succeed.


To build or create everything in their mind.

Perfectionism is a trait that most Creators carry with them their entire lives. Often one they never learn to get past. Unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect, and art is subjective. Even when something is created to the satisfaction of the creator, critics can be harsh, and the negativity is always heard louder than the compliments. When their creations are rejected by people, many Creators sink down into themselves and leave the world silently and with little to show.


Not being able to create.

For the Creator who can accept the flaws in their own work and accept that they will never please everyone, their path is filled with joy. To create with no expectations of outside adulation or personal standards is to truly create from the heart. Creation for the sake of creation might only bring joy to one person, but the Creator’s heart will still soar.

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