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"Only focus on what you can control."

Emotions are a basic part of what makes us human. They help us form connections, they help us grow, and they give meaning to life. They are also, without a doubt, one of the greatest weaknesses in humanity. They control us and cause us to make poor decisions that sometimes end in the destruction of everything we love. The Stoic, in an effort to avoid the distractions emotions bring, found a way to live without them. Since emotions are an inherent part of even Stoics, they are not able to erase them completely. They still get overcome in extreme situations, but mostly they live their lives with as little emotion as possible.


To be in control of ones mind at all times.

The Stoic makes a great judge, referee, or other figure of authority who needs to make decisions based on facts alone. They often struggle to make lasting relationships, but many don’t seem to mind. They delight when situations are made clear because of logic and clearly laid out facts. They thrive in high-stress situations where others are panicking, and they are an asset when people need to be calmed down.


Not being able to control their emotions.

If The Stoic becomes too good at denying and hiding their emotions, they can come off as nearly robot-like to others around them. People might lose trust in someone who does not even react to bad news, and they may grow suspicious if the façade never cracks at all. The lack of emotions can alienate them from all of their peers, but maybe they don’t care. 

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