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"I'm sorry, did I offend you?"

Reactions from others are a large part of why people do anything. We act with kindness for the reaction of love and gratitude. We act in anger as a reaction to hurtful words. The Provocateur has the world of reactions down to a science. Not only do they know what to say to get a reaction they also know when to say it. The art of provocation to manipulate others is hard to master. It’s generally a lonely path with few friends, as nobody enjoys being provoked.


To incite the masses.

Sometimes The Provocateur can use their tools in a positive way. They might go to social rallies and provoke a crowd to action. They might do an interview with someone and provoke them into showing a face they were hiding from the world. In these cases, The Provocateur can be an unparalleled force for social change. Leading the fight against injustice and keeping the fire burning in the hearts of those that fight with them.


Not being heard.

Other times The Provocateur has no grand agenda. They just like to pick fights. They provoke others for the joy of seeing them react. These Provocateurs are generally universally hated. They hide behind the line that they were just joking and gaslight their way out of trouble. Their relationships are often short-lived and crash and burn in spectacular ways. Generally, they are unhappy themselves and get high off of the adrenaline rush of making others angry.

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