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"You gonna cry?"

There are two groups of people, those who have been bullied and those who have bullied. Most people have been both. Some people, however, make their entire identity out of being The Bully. Many times, The Bully comes from a bad home environment where they are either being bullied themselves or told that they are better than everyone else. They use their size, intelligence, or the weakness of others to make themselves look big and feel important.


To gain pleasure by causing others pain .

The Bully has several strengths. They can generally sense weakness in others and have a knack for finding that weakness. They also are good at manipulating others to get their own way. The Bully can use these strengths to create an excellent career for themselves in all the most hated professions, such as lawyers, police, and politics. They generally live up to their full potential and bring yet more bad feelings to their profession of choice.


Being bullied themselves.

Often The Bully has little to no redeeming features. They prey on those weaker than themselves and only pick fights they know they can win. Whether due to being incapable of learning a better way or enjoying hurting others, The Bully is generally a bully their entire life. About the only thing, everyone else can enjoy about The Bully is that when they run up against someone stronger than them, they quickly crumble, and their true inner weakness shows, through.

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