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"I love everyone."

Love is at the center of many people’s lives. The love of children or partners or even the love of strangers give us a meaning for living. The Lover archetype needs this love in an extreme way. They are not satisfied with life unless they have deep passionate connections with others. They often live life in an extremely focused way. They don’t see much past their latest love interest and can take co-dependency to the extreme.


Loving relationships with deep genuine connections.

Many Lovers will often bounce from one relationship to the next. Love in a long-term relationship often changes with ebbs and flows. The Lover can struggle to stay when it feels like the relationship has become work. The inability to commit can leave them feeling deeply unfulfilled, and they will seek love in a dangerous way, often conflating the release of hormones in a new relationship with true love. Sometimes when the search for new and exciting love becomes unsustainable, they will turn to a different addiction to get a similar high.


Being alone or unlovable.

If The Lover can find a true connection and put in the work, their love can create a story for the ages. Love that cannot die and they will carry with them through their lifetimes is a beautiful thing that most people strive for.

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