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"I will prove them all wrong."

In every facet of society, there exist people who get things done. They come in many different flavors. Some are great leaders, others are great innovators, and still, others are great planners. The Magician finds ways to make things happen, no matter the obstacle or the hurdle they need to get past. They can be wonderful people to have on your side and incredibly difficult foes. But being so goal-oriented does not come without a price. Often Magicians will not stop to consider the smaller pieces of the puzzle. They will bulldoze their way over them as if they are nothing. When these pieces are other people, the situation can turn sour fast.


To make dreams come true.

The Magician is a wonder, and watching them work can sometimes feel as if you are witnessing real magic. They thrive on the challenge and will use every tool at their disposal to make a dream realized. If they use their skills in a responsible way, they can go far in creating a wonderful society around them that can reach great heights.


To cause unintended negative consequences.

When The Magician lets themselves become callous, they can hurt many people in their path. If they are in charge of a big enough project, they can sometimes hurt millions without thought or care. If not kept in check by either themselves or an outside force, Magicians will find a way to complete their goal. No matter the cost.

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